There are many paths towards obtaining lawful permanent residency, or a “green card.” If you have family members with legal status in the United States, if you have been a victim of a crime in the United States, or if you meet other legal requirements, you may qualify for apply for your green card. With your green card, you can legally work in the United States, and travel outside of the United States. After you have had your green card for a certain amount of time, you may qualify to apply for citizenship in the United States. Learn more.

United States citizenship is obtained by birth or naturalization. If you are a lawful permanent resident in the United States, you may qualify to apply for citizenship if you have a basic understanding of English, have resided in the United States for a sufficient amount of time, and have been a person of good moral character.

The United States government is attempting on a daily basis to deport both legal and illegal immigrants. However, in most cases, you have a right to have your case heard in front of an immigration judge. If you are successful in your case before the immigration judge, you may be able to stop your deportation, and receive or keep lawful permanent residency.

If you lost your immigration case that does not necessarily mean there is nothing more than you can do. In many cases, you can appeal the decision, but must usually do so within 30 days of the decision.

Criminal charges are scary for anyone, but particularly for immigrants who may face deportation if the criminal case goes wrong. It is important for immigrants facing criminal charges to be aware of the immigration consequences of any criminal charges, so that they can be avoided. It is far easier to get it right the first time, than to go back and fix it after the conviction has already been entered. However, even if you already have a conviction, it may still be possible to amend or dismiss your charges. This, too, must be done in a way that will be recognized under immigration law.

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